2017 Class B & C Minnesota State Baseball Tournament - RK Photography

Welcome players and fans of the 2017 Minnesota State Amateur Baseball Tournament!

This years' state tournament is being held in Green Isle, Hamburg and Norwood.

Find official information about the tournament here: http://www.mnbaseball.org

Class B Official State Tournament Bracket: click here

Class C OfficialState Tournament Bracket: click here

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-- Tournament Photos --

You will be able to find photos of State Tournament participant teams and [most] games below. For those interested, you can purchase digital copies, prints, canvases or even other gift items such as coffee mugs, mouse pads, coasters, playing cards, phone cases (limited number of phones available), etc. However, there is never a requirement to make any purchases to view photos. There are 2 digital download purchase options: web-size is low-resolution and suitable for use on social media, but it won't provide good results if used for printing. Original size is high-resolution, which is suitable for using to create your own prints.

With three primary photographers for the duration of the tournament, there will be a very high number of pictures shot. To review and edit those pictures to ensure we provide you with the best moments at a high quality unfortunately takes time. None of us are professional photographers, so full-time jobs also compete for our time. So please bear with us as we work through the editing process to make them available to you. Once available, you will see games organized by class and weekend below. As each game is made available, we will post to Twitter while tagging each team. Please keep checking back for game photos of your favorite team(s). We are just as excited to make them available to you as you are to see them.

Unfortunately, there will be a small number of games which we were not able to photograph due to other commitments among our photographers. Fortunately, that number of games is minimal. But we would like to apologize to those teams whose games were not captured.

We'll apologize in advance for the night games. The quality of the lights at these fields is adequate for playing and viewing the games, but is extremely difficult to photograph even with high quality equipment. As a result of that lighting, we'll edit them the best we can but they in most cases won't look nearly as good as we'd like. And typically, that is going to result in a lower number of 'keeper' pictures from those games. There is a reason professional stadiums have the lighting they do in order to allow quality lighting for TV, etc. Those types of lights certainly aren't realistic to have at small local ball fields unfortunately. 

You will see team photos in both galleries specific to just team photos and also in each game gallery. This is to allow easy access if you're just looking for a team pic, and also allows the option to purchase a full game gallery including your team's picture. If you didn't see it in the tournament program, there is an option to purchase all images for a single game. Email us at mnstatebaseballpics@gmail.com if you'd like more information on that option. 

Enjoy, and don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or issues. 

Thank you to all the players, coaches and fans who were so kind to us! And we certainly love seeing positive feedback on Twitter. There's even an option to add comments to individual photos on this site - feel free! We love to hear from you! 

We are all in professions outside of photography, but have a passion for capturing sports moments. We live in the local area and are not affiliated directly with the Minnesota Baseball Association. 

Your photographers for these playoffs (alphabetical by first name):

Roxanne Kuerschner
Email: roxkphotos@gmail.com
Website: rkphotos.smugmug.com

Samuel Carlson
Email: samueldeancarlson@gmail.com

Scott Helland
Email: sportscentralmn@gmail.com
Website: sportscentral.smugmug.com

Tim Kruse
Email: tkruse69@me.com
Website: krusephoto.smugmug.com

We had a blast over 3 weekend, probably just as much so as the players. We thank you for so many kind words. 

We shot over 84 THOUSAND pictures in just three weekends! 

-- Photo Galleries --

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