Class C Team Photos - RK Photography

These images are formatted for an 8x10 print size in most cases.There were a very small number of team pictures that were unfortunately shot too close to allow for an 8x10 format. Those will require printing at an 8x12 size (which is the same ratio as a 4x6).

If you click on an image, then 'BUY' in the lower-right corner, select 'This Photo', 'Paper Prints', then 'Standard Sizes'. If you mouse over each size option, you will be able to see the crop required for certain print sizes. If you are looking to purchase a different print size, send us an email at 

If at all possible, we will edit for the different aspect ratios of different print sizes. It will likely require and adjustment of the custom banner at the bottom. Let us know what size print you are looking for. There might be situations where we are unable to do so, but we'll let you know in that case what sizes we could accommodate.